Is the $22 trillion national debt a problem?

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As the federal debt reaches record levels, more and more economists are asking if it’s really a problem. Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez and Democratic strategist Lynda Tran join CBSN with more.


tcdahn7 says:

Trump graduated to international racketeering.. doing that while in an executive government position could be seen as treason. The death penalty is on the table.

tcdahn7 says:

Wait, we didn't double our debt under Obama.

Fuck America says:

Of course it is but the government only wants you to pay your debt while they continue to rack up their own

Uniqueness Entertainment says:

The reason why Republicans and Trump don't care about the Dallas because they're taking all of the money and put it into different Investments to bankrupt this country. They know the fall is coming so they're preparing ahead by stealing the taxpayers earnings low-balling us on our taxes. And failing on many policies that can actually bring our country out of debt. So by the end of his term arise will never be anywhere where do used to be way in the past.

Ronaldo River says:

The only good thing Trump has done is to show what the republicans really care about, is Not the law, neither fiscal responsibility, nor moral values, what they really care are helping the wealthy and their corporations.

Apple Juice Simpson says:

OOOooohhhhh, now you care about debt?
How convenient… where were you the past decade? The past 30 years? Moving in the right direction, but also exposing your bias.

Alberto Merchan says:

When you want to grow your business You endebt.
Creating 5million jobs got us the biggest revenue
Trade renegotiation bring down deficit
A wall will save billion on security legal and prison expenses,
Make sense?

Marcos pasa montañas says:

Run to jail soon mister Trump ??

Mike Perkins says:

Trump is an abomination.
Abominable administration.

Chris Chamberlain says:

As long as the new debt accumilations were used to good causes such as paying wealthy heads for raping the economy already. Yes, these republicans are now raking in contributions as we speak to keep these forms of misdirection to conservative voters rolling. They are a gullible bunch of fockers

Allexander Gibbs says:

Obama spent money to help the minorities and poor, which he failed to do so. Trump is spending money to increase America's economic and global power. And he is succeeding

Allexander Gibbs says:

MSM spoke nothing of the debt when Barack was adding 2 to 5 trillion a year for 8 years straight…fox was the only MS news outlet that held Obama's feet to the fire. Prolly why they have, and have had for awhile, the best ratings.

Nathaniel Anderson says:

Obama had to bail out a bunch of wealthy get rich quick criminal banks who turned around and for closed on homes that they had falsely ballooned the value of. This country needs real change.

Alexander Ennead says:

That's what everyone in debt asks themselves, and the answer is always yes.

Sunny Kingston says:

No, actually the problem is we have a 5 time bankrupt business man, reality TV star, as president of the United States! Thanks to the hillbillies and the electoral college!

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