The Debt movie review

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A group of former secret agents must face their past in “The Debt”.

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Night Hawke 07 says:


OhTac0 says:

That damn little spec in the top right corner!

dosmart says:

how did he know that I am staring at my computer doing nothing

Bwkjam says:

This movie was sort of dancing around but never quite hitting that question of "is this right" like how heroic would out heroes look if the doctor was a remorseful broken old man who's begging for mercy instead of an eccentric Hannibal lector style Genious who can get inside your head and manipulate you and who constantly uses slurs to remind us that he's an ass hole.

Brandon Davis says:

I'm sure you know the hot chick now, Jessica Chastain.

floozle702 says:

watching it on hbo right now god dammit

logandh2 says:

He sucks with faces, as in he has to have a name with the face to remember it.

TheTrigrman says:

Wait did he say he sucks faces?

HermaphroGynandro says:

Gary Ridgway reference?

georgelopez180 says:

jeremy ilove you, uno in a bro nonhomo way, yep.

gabriel moreno says:

"she did a good job as the green river killer" hahahhahahaaa I choked on my drink, laughing.

Drew Gars says:

Review Broken Arrow!!

jdean6400 says:

Yes… Jessica Chastain is quite easy on the eyes!:-)

AuggieJames says:

2:30 exactly what i do with the spill audio reviews

Dean Searle says:

I think we have pretty much the exact same opinion of this movie.

Salomon Flamenco says:

review the smurfs… just kidding problby fucking sucked, review the help though, it probly sucked to but better than the smurfa

Hootshot112 says:

the girl is Jessica Chastain

bayes says:

Hey Jeremy…can you review MLP?

keyser soze says:

wtf , this is the WORST movie ever , the screenplay is really AWFUL , theres a lot of scenes that is unnecessary and unneeded , ,,,, i almost fall asleep in the theater coz its so boring

ReyCarpioFilms says:

she was in The Help dude

Xavy Guillen says:

review saving private perez lol

Debi Ramaty says:

Lean nuestra reseña en español de “The Debt”!

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