The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.

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axer351 says:

So the debit is a good thing! Who would think that? No One! Both sides advocate for increased spending when in office, and both sides scream about it when they are not in power. the debt is just a prop in the game to get and keep power.

Gerald Maxwell says:

Interest rates have dropped because.
The US is seen as a safe haven for investment. Interest rates were higher in the past because The Fed had to have higher interest rates to keep the dollars in the American economy. With the decline of the UK ,the Eurozone crisis and the stagnation of Japan, the US remains the only safe haven that is still growing and is economically stable . (China has and will never be considered a safe haven as long as it is a dictatorship that imposes currency controls). As such, the US can have a low interest rate and still have investors pouring money into the American economy despite the low returns.
Unfortunately, if the interest rate is that low and the debt is local, that IS a bad thing! It means pensioners, bond holders and Americans who have invested in the American economy are not getting a good return.
This is EXACTLY where Japan went towards in the 1970s and 1980s and, the results in the 1990s to the present have not been pretty.

Ziva Nata says:

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Pasaes Ballard says:

That skit with the kids is platinum.

Janelle Cappel says:

The key fact you purposely overlook is that Republicans are the middle class, working Americans; OUR taxes go up for some bs in a relief fund package for other countries, and for fully capable beings to sit on their asses and collect paychecks.

You're a dope.

Behrang Javaherian says:

Complete BS! Yes if we invest the borrowed money, the argument make sense but if the borrowed money is used for paying the bills it is the basic math!

TyDie85 says:

How about this: Money is a man-made bullshit concept (much like God) and it is just a step in our evolution. It will not be around forever.

Mad Dog says:

Not just funny. Fantastic.

Alexander Baird says:

How did a video on the national debt turn into a smear piece on Republicans, not saying they don't deserve it? Everyone in Washington D.C is responsible for our national Debt. Look at the current "infrastructure" bill and tell me it doesn't make this debt worse.

Bobby White Powerlifting says:

John Oliver never ceases to impress me. He didn't even have to go to clown college to earn his red nose and wig. ??

Donnie Pangborn says:

I agree with Sarah Palin, Debt is Slavery.

I'm a slave to my Capitalist owners, I'm in debt on my house, my car, my student loans, my Healthcare payment plans.

It's like she understands it, but she doesn't.

Marlaina Geddes says:

Thankfully somebody finally explains national debt in a way that was easy enough for my mother and other boomers to understand. I have tried to explain to them how national debt for infrastructure expansion is the equivalent of paying a mortgage regularly it's a good thing you have something left over that builds equity. I guess the words I was using were too big. Thanks John Oliver.?

Arthas Chen says:

The truth is cold and hard: if you are strong enough, you get as much money as you want.

Donnie Pangborn says:

What's dumb is, Our government is borrowing money By issuing bonds to private citizens/foreign governments at near 0% interest.
Us borrowing right now is perfect timing to borrow. We can use the money to spur economic activity that'll help boost our ability to pay back that debt to creditors.

Think of it this way to all you conservatives.

If you could get a 1% interest loan and pay it back after multiple years down the road, while your desperately needing to grow your business right now.

Or you can borrow that same money at 3% down the road, whenever it may be too late for economic expansion and your business failed.

Which I one would you choose?

montex66 says:

Oh look, republicans are worried about the debt again. Granted, they were giving themselves and their donors every conceivable tax break during the Trump administration and spending like crazy, but now… well… Democrats are in power so the debt is a big deal again. Don't be fooled. The second republicans are in power again it will be all tax cuts for the rich and not a peep about the debt.

Pluasok says:

Many American homeowners have debt more than their annual income.. and they are concerned debt to gdp ratio being greater than 1 ?

xhagast says:

He got me with the second pillow. If his wife got jealous it would replace her…

R Fowkes says:

The next big natural catastrophe: the collapse of the federal debt bubble.

The debt is the greatest national security risk.
All China has to do is dump some fraction of their US Bonds, and suddenly we have no way to borrow more money.

Do we REALLY not know why interest rates have not gone up!? Sure we do: If they ever rose to even a few percent, we'd be paying ~$1,000,000,000,000/year in interest alone.

JonD says:

So just spend until you drop and just forget about saving anything. Zero personal fiscal responsibility. Make it rain bitches.

David Kearns says:

"Tax cuts on corporations will generate jobs" So the republicans cut their taxes and the first thing big companies do is rounds of layoffs.

Jetfixer 2 says:

Leftist propaganda.

Carolyn Klestinec says:

I glad you point these things out but Japan has been in a recession for years so how they buy our debt is amazing quite a shell game . We owe China and that is why we are following suit in a lot of their practices. From what I hear they and India will over take us as a super power maybe that's why our government like their boots . And as for raising taxes rich folks know how to get out of that but I'm not so lucky and I feel I pay enough right now . Thank you very much .I dont really see anything getting better for myself or anyone around me so sorry again I think your not quite right in your thinking on this matter . Myself and people like me are now called the working poor.

laurence blamey says:

sorry john worst ep yet.

supanagga says:

It's a bit worrisome to have such a declarative report on debt when the conclusion is 'we don't know what debt does, and because reducing tax on rich corporations have not helped in the past, let's just print money and giving it to the less fortunate part of society as an investment but if there is inflation, that's bad so let's worry about the debt, but by have the rich to pay more. Done." Didn't he say that we don't understand debt works yet his report is on the national debt?

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