Divorce Your Debt: A Spiritual Journey from S.E.L.F. Debt to Deliverance

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Divorce Your Debt was written to help the reader identify the key areas and situations in his or her life that represents bondage and debt. As individuals, we find ourselves getting involved in toxic relationships with people, things, bad habits, and our past experiences. After a while, we tend to become unconsciously “married” to these toxic relationships. Divorce Your Debt is a spiritual, emotional, lifestyle, and financial (SELF) toxicology test. It will allow you to examine yourself and the unconscious toxic relationships you have formed in each of the four major areas of SELF. Divorce Your Debt is a guide to wholeness. It’s a declaration of independence and a decree to become free from “every weight that so easily besets us.” It’s a conscious choice to become liberated from the chains, bondage, and traps of the enemy. We all need to divorce or rid ourselves of something in our lives, so we can truly follow God’s will and please the Master. Divorce Your Debt will guide you from debt to deliverance so you can set your SELF free!


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