How to Stay Out of Debt: Warren Buffett – Financial Future of American Youth (1999)

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Buffett became a billionaire on paper when Berkshire Hathaway began selling class A shares on May 29, 1990, when the market closed at $7175 a share. In 1998…


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Sad to see a video like this with only 244,000 views and some ignorant
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subtitles are off jesus

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founding fathers: Ben said neither lend nor borrow? make it in life on your
own two feet.

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daarkside says:

Staying out of debt in an system where the whole money supply IS debt, a
system where money creation(what a nice biblical term, dont you think?)
itself is debt.

Fernando Cezar says:

that s a beuatiful mind!! 🙂


“investing is a no call strike game”

Fightdebt says:

I would be more impressed if he hadn’t been the single largest recipient of
bail-out money and resources. His funds would have tanked if AIG and
Goldman Sachs hadn’t received hundreds of billions of dollars of help.

Antoine Ferland says:

Warren Buffett is just a fuxxing liar. The whole monetary system is based
on debt. No debt = no money.

Paul Holdsworth says:


Tommie Dink Bell says:

Warren Buffet cares about sharing his knowledge. Reading businesses over a

DebtDoctor says:

Any advice free advice from this man should be taken as gospel. He has
lived an amazing life and learned the secrets to financial success. One of
the biggest mistakes we make is letting ourselves get consumed with debt.
Thanks for the share…

daarkside says:

I have an idea, change the way money creation is working

lykigos says:

I don’t like this kind of people but I desperately want to learn from them.
In other words, I don’t think that the world deserves better rich men. In
OTHER other words, there is a huge mass of people who votes and chooses
celebs. This mass consumes my heroes every day and not the 1%. I want to
learn from the 1% in order to defend myself from the mass.

Russell Comer says:

People are product, with a service life, what you can get from them is
their value. With that understanding, watch it again. The future will only
keep you if your viable to production, otherwise your euthanasia may only
be a tax write off for somebody else.

Waterpoet1 says:

He never said your life was over….. Odd that you heard it that way. He
said a person can’t change their IQ, and can’t change core behavioral
habits after 50. Which is not only evident but is supported by science.

Joseph Opoku says:

trainwreck1993 your parents are criminals for sneaking you into this world.
Mr. Buffet is a human like you, living in a world where the law is
assembled by people like you who determine what a crime is. Bcos you walk
up straight doesnt make you better than any animal in the wild. You are not
an intelligent life form and neither am I. So use your time to make well
informed comments.

trainwreck1993 says:

Buffet is a criminal !!

himynameisbaloghdani says:

actually no… first of, human spirit has nothing to do with the equation,
psychology very little … it is about biology.. and study after study
shows that after the age of 25, the amount of change a human brain is
capable of is less and less and after 50 major change is virtually
nonexistent.. which doesn’t end your life… (wut?).. but it’s true
nonetheless.. and second, you refuse to believe something, because it is
inconvenient for you.. which is kind of a cliche..

himynameisbaloghdani says:


himynameisbaloghdani says:

what is it with you people?…

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Yerflua says:

God help you if you’re relying on Warren Buffet. He supposedly invests in
companies he knows? How much stock did he have in Moody’s right before
Subprime hit? He said he didn’t even know where Moody’s office was. And if
he wanted to fix the debt problem, he could’ve handed over the money at any
time to do so. You do not require the US’s consent to donate extra tax.
He’s an amateur demagogue who has an interest in the system remaining as it
is, and the system is broken.

Jason Chadwick says:


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