Our government debt is rising every day. Our population is shifting as more people retire and fewer are able to find work. Our social programs, including the Affordable Care Act, are only adding to our financial burden, and rising taxes are hindering economic growth. We are a nation in the red.

A powerful wake-up call to leaders, investors, and citizens, this brilliantly researched book reveals the surprising truth about our national debt–and what we can do about it.

You’ll learn: How reckless spending by Congress has created a debt trap How Obamacare will negatively affect health care costs and our economy How Social Security really works–and why it’s unsustainable in its current form How changing interest rates could spell disaster for the United States What America can learn from Europe’s economic woes What could happen if the United States defaults on its loans What our government needs to do now to save us from collapse What you can do to protect yourself and your family

Written in clear, concise language and backed with ample data and sometimes shocking facts, A Nation in the Red presents a reasoned, straightforward approach to one of the most controversial issues of our time. You’ll discover the fascinating psychological reasons that have helped create our debt trap, the staggering price of FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society, and the real cost of entitlement programs like Medicare, Social Security, and welfare. You’ll learn about the 2,200 federal programs that we’re all paying for–and the truth about Bush-era tax cuts versus Obama’s tax hikes. You’ll also discover how the five most obvious ways to reduce debt may–or may not–be the solution to our country’s problems.

And most importantly, you’ll learn how to protect your own wealth from the next financial crisis.


“A Nation in the Red is the best-researched and most understandable explanation of how the United States put itself in the untenable debt position it is in today. Murray Holland has an extraordinary comprehension of the economic, currency, legal, and business problems facing this country. He has the knowledge to understand the extent of our problems and the wisdom to advise how to get out of the government debt trap.” — Christopher Mahoney, retired Vice Chairman, Moody’s Investors Service

“A Nation in the Red is a must read to get a vivid picture of where our country is on the slippery slope to financial disaster and what must be done to reverse this fatal direction, creating a path to recovery and a promising future.” — Jeff Heller, retired President and Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Data Systems Corporation

“Murray Holland has an uncanny sense for business management, finance, and markets, both domestically and internationally. If he speaks, listen. There is nobody better than Murray Holland when it comes to prognosticating finance and business matters. His vision has consistently–in some cases unfortunately–been right.” — John Waller, Chairman, Waller Capital Corporation

“A Nation in the Red is a complete, sophisticated review of all the economic, business, and currency issues we are facing now that the United States has one of the worst debt problems in the world. Murray Holland accurately analyzes our very few options for how we can get out of the trap our government has put us in. Read it!” — Ray Washburne, Finance Chairman, Republican National Committee

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3-Ecstasy4-Broken5-Driven6-Fallen 7-Promise8-Ruthless9-Passion

Sovereign nations don’t have to borrow their money into existence, yet the U.S has done so since 1913. You cannot “pay down” the National Debt because all of our money is created out of debt. To reduce the debt would be to reduce the national money. The only solution is to do what’s been done many times throughout U.S. history, issue debt-free U.S. Notes, instead of Federal Reserve Notes and break free of the debt money system. The problem is the same for every nation on earth, as is the solution. Nations don’t have to borrow; nations can create.

The debt bomb is ticking. The U.S. Treasury says our national debt will hit twenty-eight trillion dollars by 2018. This means that every single day you keep your savings in paper-backed investments, the Federal Reserve destroys your money, your stocks, your savings account, your 401K. But just as the debt has more than tripled in the last decade, so have gold and gas. Gold and gas track debt more than any other assets on earth. So if the debt is doubling to $28 trillion by 2018, where do you think your money needs to be? Gold has been the greatest hedge against currency collapse the world has ever known, and gold has been the world’s wealth preserver of choice for over 5000 years.

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This book will help you deal with any IRS Form 1099-C that you get from the IRS. This book teaches you all the insider tips, tricks and secrets to avoiding taxes on debt forgiveness income and shows you how to cancel this “phantom”income. If you had debt forgiveness for any reason, you cannot afford to go another minute without reading this Manual. Book includes a bonus CD recording of Dan at a live seminar on this subject.

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If you have debts and don’t know how you’ll get rid of them, this book is for you …
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If you’d like to settle your debts, and wonder if you can do it yourself, this book is for you!

Inside you’ll find out how to work out a budget; how to figure out what your choices are, and decide on your best choice; you’ll get instructions on how to talk to your creditors; you’ll get negotiation insights that will help you get your best settlements with your creditors; you’ll even receive information about what to do in case you receive a lawsuit from one of your creditors (yes, that can happen, and you need to be prepared so you know what to do).

Many people have debts and need help. You might think you need to get a professional to help you negotiate with your creditors. You don’t! I owned a debt settlement company for years and I know most people can do this themselves. If you think you can, this book will show you how to settle your debts yourself.

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From the authors who accurately predicted the bursting of the global bubble economy comes the definitive look at what lies ahead in 2013 and beyond

Written by the market oracles who predicted, with uncanny accuracy, the global financial meltdown and the economic chain reaction it set in motion, Aftershock offers a vivid picture of what to expect when the world’s bubble economy inevitably pops. More importantly, it tells you how to protect your assets before and during the coming Aftershock and how to capitalize on the new opportunities that others will miss.

Building on the valuable insights and proven predictions of their previous books, the authors of Aftershock, Third Edition offer their latest thinking and advice as the economy moves even closer to the coming aftershock. Explains why and how the stock market, real estate, consumer spending, private debt, dollar, and government debt bubbles will burst, driving up unemployment, devaluing the dollar, and causing deep recession around the globe Updated to include the latest developments, such as new coverage of monetary stimulus and a more global focus (with special attention to Europe and China)Offers new actionable insights about protection and profits in an increasingly confusing investment environment

Sovereign debt is a complex and highly topical area of law and this work represents a new main reference book on the subject bringing together contributions from world leading practitioners, scholars and regulators.

Divided into five parts the book opens with a part on restructuring which analyses contractual provisions and the role of institutions such as the International Monetary Fund. The second part, on enforcement, considers the position of a sovereign as a defendant analyzing the availability of special immunities and matters of defense and arbitration pertinent to sovereign debt.

Part three of the book is concerned with complicating factors such as economic, political or banking crises and how these relate and complicate the task of addressing an unsustainable sovereign debt stock. In this section the particular and topical issues concerned with restructuring in a monetary union are explained.

The fourth part provides economists’ explanations of why and how sovereigns borrow and the causes of a sovereign debt, which enriches understanding by providing context to the purely legal aspects of the work. The book closes with a section which covers proposed reform to sovereign debt systems.

Dedicated to the leading expert Lee Buchheit, this work contains comprehensive and rigorous analysis on sovereign debt management which no specialist should be without.

In this survey of international economic thought, Michael Hudson rewrites the history of trade, development and debt theorizing. He shows that mainstream free-trade surveys are censorial in excluding the protectionist logic that has guided the trade policy of Europe and the United States, especially by leaving out discussion of the transfer problem and payment of international debts. He points out that most economists throughout history have focused as much on war financing as on trade and development. Free-trade ideology and IMF-style financial austerity under today’s rules, rather than benefiting all parties and maximizing welfare, leave “client” nations severely indebted. By excluding dynamics that used to be central to trade theory such as emigration and technology transfer, today’s global production and financial policies tend to concentrate economic and political power in the hands of dominant nations. Prof. Michael Hudson (Economics Department, University of Missouri, Kansas City) is a frequent contributor to The Financial Times, Counterpunch, and Global Research.

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