“Easy to read and hard to put down! Interesting and informative!” Get someone else to pay for your education. Landlord Away Your Student Loan Debt chronicles the path I took which made every student loan payment for me and put a few bucks in my pocket to boot. My strategy was simple: Pay off student loan debt with real estate. I have never made a student loan payment with my own money. I’m sorry to say I don’t have any gimmicky system to sell you. If you read this book, you will be equipped to start your journey toward financial freedom. You will be given advice, Internet search criteria, and suggested readings throughout this text. You will also be able to experience several pitfalls that plagued me while I established myself in the landlord business. I neutralized over $200,000.00 of student loan debt without using any of my own money! I turned paying my student loans into a game and I smile every month when the money is drafted out of an account that I didn’t fund (my tenants funded it for me). This book features lots of advice from a seasoned landlord, web searches for useful information, a primer on student loan repayment, and a great story. A lot of effort has gone into making this book an “easy read.” I purposefully left out as much business, landlording, and real estate jargon as possible. The approach taken assumes that the reader is not a seasoned landlord, or an expert regarding student loans.

A breakthrough methodology for profiting in the high-yield and distressed debt market

Global advances in technology give investors and asset managers more information at their fingertips than ever before. With Quantitative Analytics in Debt Valuation and Management, you can join the elite club of quantitative investors who know how to use that information to beat the market and their competitors.

This powerful guide shows you how to sharpen your analytical process by considering valuable information hidden in the prices of related assets. Quantitative Analytics in Debt Valuation and Management reveals a progressive framework incorporating debt valuation based on the interrelationships among the equity, bond, and options markets. Using this cutting-edge method in conjunction with traditional debt and equity analysis, you will reduce portfolio risk, find assets with the highest returns, and generate dramatically greater profits from your transactions.

This book’s “fat-free” presentation and easy-to-navigate format jump-starts busy professionals on their way to mastering proven techniques to: Determine the “equity risk” inherent in corporate debt to establish the causal relationship between a company’s debt, equity, and asset values Price and analyze corporate debt in real time by going beyond traditional methods for computing capital requirements and anticipated losses Look with an insider’s eye at risk management challenges facing banks, hedge funds, and other institutions operating with financial leverage Avoid the mistakes of other investors who contribute to the systemic risk in the financial system

Additionally, you will be well prepared for the real world with the book’s focus on practical application and clear case studies. Step-by-step, you will see how to improve bond pricing and hedge debt with equity, and how selected investment management strategies perform when the model is used to drive decision making.

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Have you simply longed for a more adventurous life but couldn’t take that first step?

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RV Living is becoming more and more popular these days and with the economy slashing our backs with living expenses, it’s becoming one of the smartest choices. Not only do you live free and independent, but you get to choose where you live! And it doesn’t have to be in one place either, that’s the benefit of RV & motorhome living.
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Family Affairs and Roles in the RV
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Forbes calls David Carlson’s personal finance blog Young Adult Money “a must read for millennials.” Hustle Away Debt, Carlson’s new book, gives millennials drowning in debt – student and otherwise – a lifeline. Carlson details his secrets to getting out of debt through the concept of “side hustles.” He shows how side hustles can help you develop new sources of income that allow you to pay off debt faster. He also shows how this can lead you to explore new fields you might not have otherwise worked in and how you can pick up useful skills for your full-time job – all while developing your earning potential to the fullest.

The debut book publication by the New York Society of Security Analysts, a not-for-profit professional society dedicated to professional excellence and ethics in financial markets, High Yield, Future Tense: Cracking the Code of Speculative Debt presents the outlook for high yield bonds and predicts profound changes in the marketplace. Its four sections contain 18 contributions by 29 experts from finance and academe. PART 1: Market Dynamics Three contributions explore whether a crisis will follow today’s low default rates and narrow yield spreads. Four others examine whether high yield spreads over-compensate for risk, uphold classic criticisms of underwriting practices, analyze market liquidity, and detail leveraged loans’ evolution in a bond-like direction. PART 2: Active Management This section sheds light on non-standard leading indicators of high yield performance; the relationship between high yield and equity returns and distressed debt managers’ response to the current, unusual credit cycle. PART 3: Analytical Innovation Successful high yield investing depends on accurate estimation of risks other than default probability. New methodologies that address them include: systematic scoring of the quality of covenant packages of new issues and a monthly index of covenant quality; solutions to problems in measuring performance, quality, and valuation that may lead to investment errors and quantification of issue-level liquidity, enabling investors to make explicit tradeoffs between spread and liquidity. PART 4: Benchmarking This section’s chapters address intrinsic flaws in market indices. The authors predict further specialization of subindices to accommodate specialized strategies, address challenges of high yield index construction from the portfolio manager’s perspective, and show the advantages of non-market-cap-weighted indices. Contains 168 exhibits, including 111 charts and graphs and 57 tables, plus 31 mathematical formulae.