In this innovative legal history of economic life in the Western Indian Ocean, Bishara examines the transformations of Islamic law and Islamicate commercial practices during the emergence of modern capitalism in the region. In this time of expanding commercial activity, a mélange of Arab, Indian, Swahili and Baloch merchants, planters, jurists, judges, soldiers and seamen forged the frontiers of a shared world. The interlinked worlds of trade and politics that these actors created, the shared commercial grammars and institutions that they developed and the spatial and socio-economic mobilities they engaged in endured until at least the middle of the twentieth century. This major study examines the Indian Ocean from Oman to India and East Africa over an extended period of time, drawing together the histories of commerce, law and empire in a sophisticated, original and richly textured history of capitalism in the Islamic world.

Nowadays, many young people often find that their lives are difficult, despite hard working, the income barely enough for daily necessities. While, some others have more comfortable lives with just the same amount. What’s the problem? Tighten belt helps them get extra monthly saving? Or they spend less? Or even an extra income?

Have you even considered to your unsuitable spending ways, you may not take a full use of incentives offering by service providers? So how does financial management work? How to live comfortably having regular monthly surplus? If you are asking yourself these 3 questions. My share of  – RULES OF MONEY MANAGEMENT FOR DEBT FREE AND BETTER SLEEP – should be just for you.

Audiences usually stuck in their regret feelings of wasting their money and hope to turn back the time!

Through this book, you will learn how to become a financial manager for yourself. People see numbers are complicated and difficult. For the 8 methods of increasing income and 7 ways for wise saving revealed in this book, you will be guided clearly and in detail that just make everything becomes so simple

Whatever your starting point, this book provides you methods to manage your finance. You can definite exactly how much money you own. This is a very important step for well-being in the future. You learn how to invest your financial resources in the most effective way!

Earning money is important, and how to manage it even each penny is the same  –  Lisa Casey

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Table of contents:


Chapter 1 – Money Management 

Effort-Less Ways to Increase your Income Dues to pay for, when earning more

Chapter 2 – Planning for monthly balance

Planning for monthly spending Planning for monthly income Overall managerment of monthly balance

Chapter 3 – Budgeting Basecamp

Budgeting Simple Tools for Budgeting Budgeting Rules Tips (Steps on sticking/Making a Budget)  Benefits of Budgeting Wants versus Needs

Chapter 4 – Increasing the Income (8 Ways to Increase Your Income)

No.1 Do some freelancing gigs No 2. Sell some stuff online or offline No 3. Put up your own mini business or franchise—whether on your own or with friends No 4. Carpooling and driving No 5. If you have a blog, make money out of it No 6. Draw a crowd No 7. Finding a roommate No 8. Passive Income

Chapter 5 – Strategies for Saving

Below are different strategies that will help you save money 7 Other practical strategies to save money

Chapter 6 – The Downside of Money Management 

Disadvantages of Using Credit Cards Disadvantages of Using Debit Cards Using debit cards and credit cards with an inconsistent income

Chapter 7 – Financially Free

Spending money wisely How to budget for retirement allowance? Things that elderly people forget to prepare for


Are you tired of living your life loaded to the brim with debt? Do you look at your mortgage, credit card payments and other bills with a deep sense of frustration and hopelessness?

Believe it or not, but millions of people each day suffer unnecessarily with debt when they could actually be much more free if they were just willing to take the steps necessary to break the bonds of debt. The problem is that while the world is loaded to the brim with debt, we often don’t have access to the solutions that will free us.

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What it will be look like lifestyle without debt?How to do budget like A BossLower the RatesAggressive strategies for debt eliminationWith Debt Free Forever, you will learn valuable methods of getting out of debt, you’ll learn how to have iron-clad discipline and live the life that you’ve always dreamed of living!

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Originally conceived as part of a unifying vision for Europe, the euro is now viewed as a millstone around the neck of a continent crippled by vast debts, sluggish economies, and growing populist dissent. In Europe’s Orphan, leading economic commentator Martin Sandbu presents a compelling defense of the euro. He argues that rather than blaming the euro for the political and economic failures in Europe since the global financial crisis, the responsibility lies firmly on the authorities of the eurozone and its member countries. The eurozone’s self-inflicted financial calamities and economic decline resulted from a toxic cocktail of unforced policy errors by bankers, politicians, and bureaucrats; the unhealthy coziness between finance and governments; and, above all, an extreme unwillingness to restructure debt.

Sandbu traces the origins of monetary union back to the desire for greater European unity after the Second World War. But the euro’s creation coincided with a credit bubble that governments chose not to rein in. Once the crisis hit, a battle of both ideas and interests led to the failure to aggressively restructure sovereign and bank debt. Ideologically informed choices set in motion dynamics that encouraged more economic mistakes and heightened political tensions within the eurozone. Sandbu concludes that the prevailing view that monetary union can only work with fiscal and political union is wrong and dangerous–and risks sending the continent into further political paralysis and economic stagnation.

Contending that the euro has been wrongfully scapegoated for the eurozone’s troubles, Europe’s Orphan charts what actually must be done for the continent to achieve an economic and political recovery.

This revised edition contains a new preface addressing the economic and political implications of Brexit, as well as updated text throughout. Europe’s Orphan charts what actually must be done for the continent to achieve a full recovery.

When every member of a rural Sweetwater family is murdered in their beds, Maury County sheriff Bob Satterfield calls on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for help. While Savannah’s husband, TBI agent Rafe Collier, heads to their shared hometown to help the sheriff figure out who and what is behind the grisly massacre, Savannah goes along to assist her old friend Yvonne McCoy’s quest to gain ownership of Beulah’s Meat’n Three restaurant. But when Beulah Odom’s death turns out to have been murder, suddenly Yvonne’s on the hot seat. And with the sheriff occupied elsewhere and Beulah’s family gunning for Yvonne, it’s up to Savannah to figure out the truth before her old friend lands in jail… or six feet under.

Winner of the Spear’s Best Business Book Award

Longlisted for the 2012 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award

For the past forty years western economies have splurged on debt. Now, as the reality dawns that many debts cannot be repaid, we find ourselves again in crisis. But the oncoming defaults have a time-worn place in our economic history. As with the crises in the 1930s and 1970s, governments will fall, currencies will lose their value, and new systems will emerge. Just as Britain set the terms of the international system in the nineteenth century, and America in the twentieth century, a new system will be set by today’s creditors in China and the Middle East. In the process, rich will be pitted against poor, young against old, public sector workers against taxpayers and one country against another.

In Paper Promises, Economist columnist Philip Coggan helps us to understand the origins of this mess and how it will affect the new global economy by explaining how our attitudes towards debt have changed throughout history, and how they may be about to change again.

Learn an amazing, unusual alternative to the conventional debt-elimination options. FORGET…Debt Consolidation Loans, Re-Financing, Scrimping, Saving and Budgeting, Cutting Up Your Credit Cards and Bankruptcy.


Having hundreds of people sending you all the money you need to pay off ALL your debts – including your mortgage.Having them continue to send you money AFTER your debts are all paid.The money you receive is NOT a loan. Once it’s in your bank account, it’s yours to keep and spend any way you like.Being able to pay off your ENTIRE DEBT – with one single check.Having so much money accumulating in your bank account that you would never need to take on debt ever again. You could live DEBT-FREE for the rest of your life.Never needing a credit card again. All you’ll ever need is a debit card because you’ll be able to pay cash for EVERYTHING – including cars and homes – for the rest of your life.In the process of paying off your debts with this method, you automatically became wealthy.After all your debts are paid off, you continue to have an income equal to your entire debt coming in every year or every month.

This solution exists because of one of the largest, most respected and recognized companies in the world.

There’s a high probability you already do business with this company. Most people just never knew they offered a feature that could help them pay off all their debts. The goal of this book is to change that.

As Sullivan sees it, here are the problems with the current “get-out-of-debt” options:

Debt Consolidation Loans – More debt just paid out over a longer period, giving you relief with smaller payments, but years more of them.Re-Financing – Not a good idea to add new debt to old debt or extend existing debt.Scrimping, Saving and Budgeting – No Fun! And an excruciatingly slow process.Bankruptcy – Can have devastating, lingering effects.Cutting Up Your Credit Cards – Might not be a bad idea for you at this point, but you don’t have to.

Within this book, Sullivan also includes another of his bestselling books for FREE!

It’s that book that inspired this book, and holds the key to the method that makes this debt-elimination plan “The Ultimate Get Out of Debt Plan.”

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The dead don’t always sleep. After doing his stint in the army, Don Lattimore buried his battlefield demons deep inside and settled comfortably into Diablo Springs. Serving as county sheriff, for nearly two decades he’s enjoyed the tranquility of the Nevada desert until the day he discovers evidence of satanic activity inside an abandoned house. Now he’s trapped in a showdown with his own nightmares. Threatening to fulfill a chilling prophesy, something inside him has clawed itself free. The good people of Diablo Springs begin to die and the only way Lattimore can put a stop to it comes with a steep price–a price he’s unwilling to pay. But to save his community and family, he must. And time is running out.

When 25 yr. old waitress, Brielle, receives a mysterious check for $250,000, she uses the money to pay for her mother’s very expensive cancer treatment, saving her life. Two years later, she is called to pay back her debt. All she has to do is travel to an isolated mansion and work for one year as a personal assistant to an arrogant asshole whom she hates. Wyatt Wild is a gorgeous alpha billionaire playboy who is not used to girls saying no to him. He has bedded models, actresses and socialites and then a waitress from some crappy roadside cafe dares to reject him. Who does she think she is? Wyatt always gets what he wants and his desires focus on the innocent and stubborn Brielle. Neither give in easily and they quickly get locked in a game of seduction. This standalone novel contains a substantial excerpt of the first book in the series, The Offer.

‘Back to the Black – How to become debt-free and stay that way’, is for those worried about debt and wanting to know how to manage the situation. By viewing the problem as a coach or a counsellor would, you’ll learn strategies for handling stress and formulating a plan. You’ll find out how to fix a repayment schedule that’ll shorten the time until you are debt-free; and discover some simple ways to track your spending while still enjoying life. After reading this book you will feel more confident of your ability to handle your debt situation…and you’ll have a plan for doing so. You’ll soon discover how to evaluate your current circumstances; how to set realistic goals for reducing your debt; how to develop a list of options; and how to calculate your discretionary income. This book also provides a comprehensive ‘Resources’ section, that outlines what further support is available to help ensure that a debt-free life is maintained after reading ‘Back to the Black’.