One way to get ahead of debt is to borrow in the form of a debt consolidation loan. But before you go down this road, there’s something you need to do first.

Choosing The Best Credit Counselling Company – Working With BSCC – Avineet Kalsey – Recent interview series, Part 17, where Avineet Kalsey gives tips on how to choose the best company when you are evaluating whether to do business with them.

Debt reduction is front and center on many Canadians’ minds right now with soaring household debt levels – it doesn’t have to be this way – call our experienced credit counselors such as Avineet Kalsey right now. You don’t need to struggle with debt, BSCC can help reduce your debt by over 50%-90% RIGHT NOW – call us today at 1-866-790-8984 – its free!

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Don’t spend another year racking up unnecessary debt and dig yourself deeper into an unrecoverable situation – we can help! You can avoid going into bankruptcy – it’s a negative mark on your credit and can last for 7-10 years – where a neutral credit counseling notation is REMOVED once someone completes the program. You really can turn your financial life around quickly – just call us and receive a free evaluation of your situation with some helpful advice and absolutely no obligation to take any action if you don’t wish to.

Remember – you DO NOT (and in a lot of cases, SHOULD NOT) always have to go into bankruptcy – we can share valuable information about your options that your bank or other credit counseling companies may not be willing to share with you – because it’s not in their best interest! We work on YOUR behalf, and thus ensure that you receive the very best information for your specific situation. Contact us today at BSCC for a free consultation about your finances – 2018 can be your year that you begin on the journey to finally becoming debt free!

For over a decade, the professionals at Business Solutions and Credit Counselling Services (BSCC), a registered, government-approved credit counseling firm, has assisted hundreds of thousands of consumers throughout Canada to avoid declaring bankruptcy, prepare a consumer proposal, rebuild their credit rating, and pay off their excessive charge card debt. These are clients who were once struggling to manage excessive debt and financial obligations. We work with each client individually, designing manageable, realistic programs to relieve their financial burden and stress.

For more information about using effective debt counseling nationwide wherever you live in Canada – and how to avoid bankruptcy and becoming debt free from high credit card debt or even business bankruptcies, please visit us at or call 1-866-790-8984 today! We have credit counseling offices in Toronto, Vancouver (Surrey), Calgary, Edmonton, and Abbotsford.

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Debt Review is a process in terms of the National Credit Act for over indebted consumers. The purpose of the act is to protect the over indebted consumer against Credit providers.

The first step in the process is to get the help from a debt counsellor and we do recommend that you do work with a company that has a NCR number and thus is registered with the NCR.


Skuldberading is basies die afrikaanse terme vir”debt review” of “debt counselling” en ons gaan onder net n oorsig gee en voel asb vry om ons te kontak met enige vrae of vir meer inligting. Ons afrikaans sprekende konsultante sal met graagte help.

Skuldberading is die proses in terme van die Nasionale Krediet Reguleerder (NKR) vir verbruikers wat in die skuld is. Die rede vir die proses is vir beskerming van die verbruikers, teen krediet verskaffers.

Farmers who are down on their financial luck will be able to go to mediation before being forced into receivership by banks.
A Farm Debt Mediation Bill will soon be introduced into Parliament which will require creditors to offer mediation to farmers who default on payments before they take any enforcement action.
The bill arises out of concern there is a lot of debt in the primary sector. Last year agriculture debt stood at $62 billion, with dairy $41.5b, sheep and beef $14.1b and “other” including horticulture $6.3b. Four years ago dairy farmer debt was $34b.
In announcing on Monday that the bill had been given the go-ahead by Cabinet, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor said farm debt had ballooned out by 270 per cent compared with 20 years ago.
* Kiwi farmers likely to weather financial storms – Lincoln report
* Farmers more confident about financial future
“Farmers are especially vulnerable to business down-turns as a result of conditions that are often outside their control, like weather, market price volatility, pests and diseases like Mycoplasma bovis.”
The estimated cost to set-up the scheme is $350,000, and the estimated annual cost for administering the scheme is $250,000 to $300,000. This will be met from the existing MPI baseline.
It is expected each case of mediation will cost about $6000. This will be split between the lender and the farmer.
Federated Farmers and the Bankers Association both back the bill. Neither could provide statistics for the numbers of farmers who go into receivership every year.
A similar private member’s bill in the name of NZ First primary spokesman Mark Patterson was introduced last year but was withdrawn at select committee stage because it was considered unworkable.
O’Connor said the bill was “pragmatic”.
“The guts of it is early intervention – where either the farmer or the bank have an ability to go and seek mediation, which is a far better option than forced foreclosure,” he said.
The genesis of the bill goes back to the 1990s when NZ First had attempted to introduce a similar measure. O’Connor said Patterson’s bill had been reworked as a Coalition Government piece of legislation.
One of the reasons why the bill failed to advance last year was the mechanism proposed came too late in the process, by which time a farmer was already under water.
Last year the Reserve Bank warned that while financial stress in the dairy sector was falling, a small number of farmers were struggling to pay down debt.
The numbers of farmers who were at least 90 days overdue with their loans was 2 per cent out of 8059 owner-operators and 3911 sharemilkers.
That figure was an improvement on the worst period for non-performing loans in 2011, when it had risen to 4.7 per cent.
Two years ago 12.7 per cent of dairy farms were “potentially stressed” but that has dropped to 8.6 per cent.
Real Estate Institute spokesman Brian Peacocke said it was difficult to gather accurate statistic

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There’s a rule of pretrial procedure that debt defendants need to know. If the other side submits exhibits before trial, you probably have to object to them – before trial and within a specified amount of time – or the exhibits will come in automatically.

Animated Video created using Animaker – Assisting South Africans who are struggling to pay their monthly credit obligations. Get a free assessment done to see if you qualify to reduce your monthly debt by up to 60%. Clear your credit score today.

In need of debt help? Should You Get A Debt Consolidation Loan? That will likely depend on your situation. So how do you know for sure what your best option is? Doug Hoyes, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, with Hoyes, Michalos and Associates talks about the pros and cons of debt consolidation and what you can do if your consolidation options are not very favorable due to bad credit or if you’re already maxed out on monthly payments.
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If you’ve ever been caught in cash crunch you know how hard it can be to dig yourself out of trouble. Debts take over your life, bills pile up and then the phone starts to ring as collection agencies circle overhead. No one wants to be in this position, but there is a way out with the help of non-profit credit cousellors. They can really make a difference. They will teach you how to budget, provide basic credit counselling and talk you through your options in terms of negotiating with your creditors.

Basic services like counselling and debt management workshops are low cost—or in some cases no cost—and the money they can save you is more than worth your time. The hardest part is asking for help. Bruce Sellery walks you through the different services available and explains how they work.

Links to some non-profit credit counseling agencies

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Credit Canada —
Consolidated Credit —
Money Mentors —

Reviewing the Star Wars novel – Aftermath Life Debt

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