Manage Your Finances and Stay Out of Debt!

Thrift is of great revenue

Nobody wants to live a life full of debt! If we can run away from it, we would in a heartbeat. However, circumstances have lead a large number of the world’s population into debt after debt.

How is this possible? Here’s how:

1. Under employment 2. Poor money management 3. Gambling 4. Failure to save 5. Misuse of credit cards 6. Living above your means

The List can go on! But be troubled no more. When you download Debt-Free How to Get Out of Debt To Your Road Towards Financial Freedom, you will finally address the underlying issues in your life that are dragging you down from experiencing financial freedom!

When you are not drowning in debt, you find that it’s more peaceful to face your day-to-day activities with less stress and less fear. When you don’t owe anyone any money, you won’t have to find yourself bombarded with nasty calls reminding you of your dues.

This book will help you look at money in a new different light allowing you to become wiser and more disciplined in keeping your budget in reflective motion.

Here Are Some Of The Topics Discussed In The Book:

• 401(k) Contributions While In Debt • 5 Steps To Reduce Consumer Debt For Your Financial Freedom • Steps To Repay Debt • Faster Ways to Repay Debt • How To Stop Using Credit Cards • Best Ways To Save Money • Investment Options For You

There’s more to this book than meets the eye. When you finish reading it, you’ll immediately see a change on how you handle your money and start seeing it grow instead of seeing it washed down the drain.

Hannah Langdon loves working with the dead. As an embalmer at the Max Grace Funeral Home in the inner city Sydney suburb of Balmain, she considers it an honor and a privilege to prepare someone for their final resting place. But lately, there have been a couple of her co-workers have been killed in horrible accidents. The fact that these people lived on the fringes of Sydney society and had no one to mourn them doesn’t ease Hannah’s turmoil. And then she reconnects with a man from her past, a man she’d rather forget and her life becomes a whole lot more turbulent. Doctor Jacob Black is now a highly respected emergency room doctor who works in the reputable Sydney Harbour Hospital, but she remembers him only as the eighteen-year-old drunk driver who killed her high school boyfriend. Now Jacob’s twin has gone missing and Hannah wants to know why. After all, the last time she saw him was at the Max Grace Funeral Home… What is happening to the people employed at the funeral home? Hannah can’t help but think she might be next…

Logan Falcone was finally in control, insulated from the world around him. A terrorist attack in Paris prompted a phone call that changed all that. It was Samantha, the only person who could penetrate his thick armor. He had finally stopped reliving the events in Iraq but was being asked to make himself vulnerable again. A second attack, this time in Chicago, starts to open a deceitful door into the terrorist cell. Logan uses his old connections, a group of Recon Marines, and as much assistance as Samantha can give without compromising her job with the FBI. Leads fall through their fingers and it appears there’s a leak in the government. In the end, it comes down to Logan’s intuitive training and ability to read people. Will Logan be able to tap into who he used to be? Or will the thought of another potential loss dictate his actions, causing even more attacks and American deaths? Recently named a finalist in the Palmetto Publishing manuscript contest, Debt of fear is a visceral, fast paced story told through multiple perspectives. It brings to life the terrifying topic of domestic terrorism like never before. You will experience the love, racism, fear, rage, and loss that guides each character’s choices. Whether for good or bad, you will understand, some decisions are better than others; even if it means someone must die.

New York is in the grip of a killer the likes of whom it has never seen before. He chooses his victims randomly and disappears like a ghost after his murderous act. The NYPD are baffled and turn to Special Ops agent, Zeb Carter. Zeb is a killer himself, an assassin, a hunter. He hunts terrorists, despots, killers of all kinds, but even his skills get him nowhere as the killer always stays one step ahead. Zeb’s only hope is that the killer makes a mistake. The killer doesn’t, he already has Zeb Carter on his radar. The killer turns hunter, Zeb Carter is prey.

The queen of the underworld has a new play toy and her name is Jessica Blood. Bad boy Duncan Jasper and passive healer Amanda Blood are on the run for their lives with a horde of demons on their tale. The queen of the underworld, Lourdes, wants Amanda to free Lourdes from her prison and it’s all on Duncan to keep this from happening. But Amanda’s soul is fractured and bleeding thanks to the torture she suffered at the hands of the high-level demon, Vaughn. Now a painful ritual is her soul’s only chance at survival. If Duncan fails, Jessica Blood may never be free from the chains that bind her to Lourdes. Demons swarm to their location and Jessica walks right into a trap they’ve set for her. But to cure her sister, Amanda will have to embrace the pain and welcome the beauty of death. All before they get ready to stand off against Lourdes and the demons of hell, coming to claim their souls. Hold onto your seats! Long-held family secrets and heartache are about to be revealed.

Mobster and hitman Jack Winchester thought he had put his past behind him. When he returns to New York City and finds his friend murdered, and his sister kidnapped, Jack goes to war against the Sicilian Mafia.

When 25 yr. old waitress, Brielle, receives a mysterious check for $250,000, she uses the money to pay for her mother’s very expensive cancer treatment, saving her life. Two years later, she is called to pay back her debt. All she has to do is travel to an isolated mansion and work for one year as a personal assistant to an arrogant asshole whom she hates. Wyatt Wild is a gorgeous alpha billionaire playboy who is not used to girls saying no to him. He has bedded models, actresses and socialites and then a waitress from some crappy roadside cafe dares to reject him. Who does she think she is? Wyatt always gets what he wants and his desires focus on the innocent and stubborn Brielle. Neither give in easily and they quickly get locked in a game of seduction. For a limited time, this standalone novel contains a substantial excerpt of the first book in the series, Falling for the CEO. Both are steamy books which follow two different couples. This is a hot and steamy romance, which is ideal for fans of Sylvia Day, J.S. Cooper, and Lauren Blakely