Life & Debt is not your typical “get debt free” book. It’s about learning to love and embrace your debt because in today’s world, it is practically impossible to be debt free. Life & Debt is not about teaching life without debt, or to be free of debt, but learning to live with debt and embracing it to the extent that you manage it and take on debt that makes sense for your life. The key lesson from the book is learning to love your debt is one of the first steps of being able to properly manage it. For anyone who wants to live their life with debt happily – college students, grads, parents, grandparents, and those on fixed incomes, business owners and heads of households – the concepts can be fit into any lifestyle on different levels from basic income to complicated budgets. Also suitable for people going through life transitions (marriage, divorce, widow, retirement), as well as most of the middle class who are struggling to keep up with the Joneses.

Win the IRS Game: A Step by Step guide to negotiating your IRS tax debt is a comprehensive step by step guide through the minefield that is tax debt. Amanda takes you by the hand and leads you the whole way. From the smallest debt to even those that seem impossible to manage. This book is for the every day person that finds themselves owing the IRS money and is determined to handle it on their own. Amanda breaks the whole process down from the beginning with common IRS notices, to the end of the negotiating process. She completely explains the IRS jargon and what each form is that you will need.

The papers included in this volume represent the most current research and knowledge available about student loans and repayment. It serves as a valuable reference for researchers and policymakers who seek a deeper understanding of how, why, and which students borrow for their postsecondary education; how this borrowing may affect later decisions; and what measures can help borrowers repay their loans successfully.

I was happy in my small town. In my life as a single, thirty-two year old woman. I had a good job, wonderful friends, my independence. I also hadn’t got laid in three years. Hadn’t been on a date in two. Had stopped counting calories and wearing makeup… a while ago. Then Brett Jacobs waltzed in. Caressed my thigh, dug rough fingers into my hair, lowered his soft mouth to my skin, took sexual control of my mind and stirred it all around with what he packed in his pants. He flipped my quiet life upside down and crawled into a place in my heart I thought was dead. The issue is his secret. The issue is her. The issue is that I don’t even know she exists, and he thinks she’s dead. The issue is that shit is about to hit the fan and I can’t hold on to him tight enough.

Are you ready for a plan that really works? Let Debt-Free & Wealthy change YOUR life With down to earth ideas and steps for living a Debt-Free life one dollar at a time. Regardless of age or income, whether you have debt or no debt, this book provides the financial answers that you have been looking for. Kelly Brantley knows what it is like to be swamped by debt – and how freeing it is to live debt-free. The plan she developed has helped thousands of people pay off millions in debt, and she shares it here. This book will: • Help you stop drowning in debt and start building wealth. • Show you how to pay off student loans and credit card debt. • Remind you of God’s love and guidance as you work your way through the challenges of money, relationships and life. Also, there are discussion questions in the back that can be used in a 6 week class, small group or bible study. Don’t delay – Put your financial plan together by ordering Debt-Free & Wealthy today!

#MoneyChat THE BOOK is a how to handbook that fills the gap between the financial information we all need and how we really live our financial lives. Written simply and with a sense of humor, author and financial coach Dorethia Conner Kelly explains financial terminology and complex financial concepts in easy-to-understand language. #MoneyChat THE BOOK teaches you: • How to not just create a budget but prioritize one • How to create an emergency fund when there’s no money left over • How to save toward college in under 10 years • Why you should invest and where to begin • How to come up with extra money when you need it without patronizing a payday-type loan establishment • The best place to put your savings If you’ve ever read a personal finance book and nothing changed in your financial life, it’s because the application of everything you were reading about was missing. This book is that missing link. Get ready to change your #MoneyChat!