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CTV Morning Live’s Lianne Laing gets straight talk about debt and credit with K3C Credit Counselling.

If you’re trying to get out of debt,these two options are available to you but it is of utmost importance that you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

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We had our first Zoom mediation the other day, and we wanted to share our experience with anyone who may be considering these types of meetings in their case.

Overall, mediation over Zoom went well.

We’re still in the early days of this, so there are some things that we would do differently/better in the future.

We recommend that you use Zoom on your computer, and that you have a back up device for Zoom whether it’s a phone, iPad, tablet, etc.

This is looking like the “new normal” for cases whether we like it or not, but there are some great pros that make this transition easier. Can share documents. Much better than a phone mediation (those often occur in appealed cases).

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“No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”

A perennial problem for South Africans, personal debt is skyrocketing – as a recent annual survey by a major financial institution has revealed. More than double the usual number of respondents said they had taken out personal loans this year. Some 58% of households are facing “overwhelming financial stress levels as they plunder their savings and take on more debt to meet expenses”. So what if the financial hole gets too deep? Carte Blanche investigates complaints by some debt review customers who say the hoops they had to jump through to get back into the black were just too traumatising.

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Debt consolidation means taking multiple debts such as credit cards, store cards or other loans and consolidating these debts into a single loan. But make sure you do your research first to make sure debt consolidation is right for you.

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Dr Tan Cheng Bock helped to start the Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS)

Here are the numbers for the month of July! Every baby step is getting us closer to debt free living!

Do you know what debt settlement does? In this video, I explain what debt settlement is, how it works, and the pros and cons to debt settlement. What do you think of these programs? Tell me below!

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Reduce your debt repayments to an amount you can actually afford. Make sure you have a reasonable budget for your essential expenses such as food and transport. Protect your assets from legal action. Contact National Debt Counsellors today!
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10 Reasons Why You Will Never Get Out of Debt!

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