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Are you looking for debt solutions? Are you disorganized? Do you have trouble paying your bills? There is help. Youre not alone in this. We are a Canadian non-profit service, and we can help.

A trained mediator can help people in dispute come to an agreement without having to go before a judge. There is nothing lose by trying mediation services. Mediation allows for more flexible agreements and are more private. More details about mediation services are covered in this video.

Recording the incremental steps to paying of our debts.

Debt Payoff Chart:

If you or someone you know is facing a point where they can no longer afford their home or it no longer makes sense to keep that home AND you owe more than that home is worth, you need to speak with us. Whether you decide to stay in your home or look to leave your home, their are unique deficiency laws and tax effects in Arizona and California that you need to understand before you make a decision.

When a consumer (client) realizes that he/she is over indebted and that some arrangements have to be made to make sure all monthly repayments are met.
The consumer contacts a registered Debt Counselor who supplies a regulated form 16 and assists with the completion thereof. As soon as this form is completed the consumer will have formally applied for debt review in terms of the Act.
All requested documentation as on the application form is supplied by the consumer within 5 days of signing the form 16.
With the information and supporting documents supplied by the consumer the debt counselor now informs all the known creditors of the consumer that the said consumer has applied for debt review. This is done with the regulated form 17.1 as well as 17.2
A formal analysis is done by the Debt counselor to determine if the consumer is indeed over indebted. This is a very simple calculation once all information has been taken into account. A consumer can only apply for debt counseling if his/her monthly disbursable amount (Nett income minus living expenses) is LESS than the amount required to service all obligations. AS EXAMPLE ONLY. If the consumer only has R5000 to pay his/her debt after the living expenses have been accounted for, and the total monthly debt repayments are R6000 the application would be a success.
If the consumer is indeed over indebted according to the above method all creditors would be informed of this for their record.
The restructuring process can now begin. The Debt counselor will now restructure and renegotiate all credit agreements and present these proposed terms to all creditors. This new proposal will then restructure the consumer’s monthly commitments to be more affordable and ensure that all credit agreements get something every month.
. The new proposal will now be sent out to all the creditors after it has been approved by the consumer. Should all creditors agree to a consent order that new arrangement will be made an order of court. If there are some creditors who don’t agree to the restructuring a court date will be allocated for the matter to be heard. At this hearing the magistrate will have no choice to grant the order if the debt counselor acted in terms of the Act and subsequently restructured the debt accordingly.
All disbursements of contributions will be handled by a registered Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). The PDA is regulated and governed by the Act. As soon as a restructuring proposal is agreed on by the consumer payments of the distribution amount will be paid over from the consumer directly to the PDA. The PDA in turn will disburse with the funds as per the restructuring proposals.
The Fee structure:
Debt counselors are entitled to a maximum of R6000 plus VAT for single applications and R4000 plus VAT for a joint application.
The Act allows for the following payment of Debt counselor fees as well as Legal fees.
The first payment made by the PDA will pay the debt counselors fee
The second payment will pay the legal fees
The third payment will be the first payment that creditors receive. This is done so that consumers don’t have to pay any money that they might not have up front, and to make the process affordable.
When the payments are being made to the creditors by the PDA there will be some agreements that will be paid up before others. As soon as this happens the Debt counselor must restructure the payments again to make sure any creditor is not paid more than he must receive and to disburse the surplus equally between the other to ensure that the process runs smoothly. For this the Debt counselor is entitled to a 5% after care fee not exceeding R400.

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A consumer proposal is a way to come up with a solution with your creditors to repay your debts. In most proposals you repay less than the full sum outstanding, plus your creditors agree to write off the rest of your debts. It’s a “win-win” for both of you.

Just what is a consumer proposal?

Unlike an informal debt settlement plan, a consumer proposal is a legally binding agreement that you and your administrator work out with your creditors.

For over a decade, the professionals at Business Solutions and Credit Counselling Services (BSCC), a registered, government-approved credit counseling firm, has assisted hundreds of thousands of consumers throughout Canada to avoid bankruptcy, prepare a consumer proposal, rebuild their credit, and pay off credit card debt. These are clients who were once struggling to manage excessive debt and financial obligations. We work with each client individually, designing manageable, realistic programs to absolve your financial burden and stress. For more information about avoiding bankruptcy and how to become debt free, please visit us at or call 1-866-790-8984 today!

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U.S. farm bankruptcies are on the rise with twice the number of farmers in the U.S. Midwest declaring bankruptcy last year compared to a decade ago. CGTN’s Dan Williams went to the U.S. state of Wisconsin where many are hanging on amid a trade war which has made a tough situation even harder.